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Annual Renewing Subscriptions

Annual  Inter-Search subscriptions may be cancelled within thirty (30) days of initial renewal, or within thirty (30) days of the renewal date.   Where the cancellation arises from our failure to deliver the service within the terms of service, we will refund the remainder of subscription fee.  Prosentient Systems will terminate the support or membership at time of refund.

Quarterly and Monthly Renewing Subscriptions

Annual  Inter-Search subscriptions may be cancelled with one months notice.  No refund applies for the currently paid period.

Who We Are

We are an IT company that builds, integrates and manages efficient and sustainable systems. We innovate in functionality, design and building technology according to the client needs and preferences. Assist and advice clients with all levels of technology expertise. Use the best available open source components and our own integration systems to create well-rounded solutions.

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